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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Agent of Conscious Evolution

Okay, so here I am on the other side of yet another turn of the spiral in my evolutionary journey, which incidentally, is all of our journey. Even after all that I have experienced, and all that I inherently know to be true, there is still some parts of me that continues to question what all of this is for.

This past November I participated in a pretty awesome and important conference that I assisted in co-creating, Gaia Centre's Birth Toronto 2012- synergistic convergence. It was a gathering of minds, ideas, inspirations, and a space for giving voice to that imaginal seed of emerging into a new human evolutionary process. I left that conference remembering a voice that called to me as a child.

One of my favorite songs from my teenage years in school choir, "Child of the Universe" resonates even deeper with me now. "Child of the Universe let your spirit are the chosen one to try and touch the sky." For some reason that I only now start to understand, the words and energy of this song awakened in me a very deep shiver and waves of emotion that connected with a knowing that I AM THAT CHILD! WE ARE the universe expressing itself...

As my continued release from the crysallis and moving into the expression of imaginal, the synchronicities of messages, visions, experiences, disappointments, struggles, and so many, many blissful moments of pure insight shows me the greater unfolding of what is yet to be expressed.


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