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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Date With Nature

Earth is calling you…Do you hear it?
It’s asking you to give yourself time…
…to celebrate you
…to reflect on your true nature
…to simply breathe and remember who you are.

Your date with nature includes:
- Meet and Greet through energy awareness
- Soul Expression through “Dance”
- “I AM” Guided meditation session
- Introduction to Theta Healing and self-help tools
for uncovering core truths
- reflection, friendship, and sharing

Saturday, May 21, 2011
9:30 am to approx. 3:00pm - option to stay longer to enjoy nature.
Cost: $50
*Some light refreshments provided, but please do bring your own
picnic lunch

Location: Gaia Centre Farmhouse,
1032 Cameron Lane, Algonquin Highlands (near Stanhope Airport)
Spaces limited. For more information, directions and registration:

Facilitator, Nancy Gosse, brings 15 years of integrated experience as a Counsellor, Spiritual Author, Energy Healer, and Lightworker. Having heard the call from Earth, she is following a path of co-creation and human emergence. Learn more of her work at:


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