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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Blook - a collaboration in the Spirit of Unity

Exciting news. A book project that I have contributed to as a writer is now released.

Under the direction of my friend and colleague, Jean Victoria Norlock, myself and several other writers and artists put together this collection of inspired work. "The Blook" has come together under the Spirit of ONENESS and UNITY for the purpose of honoring our place in the greater picture of humanity.

It brings me great joy to introduce this project which will donate all its proceeds to two charities: Gaia Centre and Shepherd of the Hills Children's Home in the Phillipeans.

Authors: Lucien Clausse, Nancy Gosse, Jacob Israel, Brian Kannard, Rev. Dr. Carol Kilby, Sonja Myriel, Cher Lyn, Jean Victoria Norloch, Rick O'Shields, and Rev. Korey Tuttle all have contributed essays in relation to the healing of humanity. Spiritual in nature, The Blook tackles a number of topics from spiritual healing, channeling, mystical experiences, and the awakening of the human consciousness. All sales from this project go directly to the charities listed above.

The Blook is now available in ebook format and will soon be available in paperback as well. Obtain your copy through either of these links:
Grave Distractions Publications

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Amazon Kindle Edition


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