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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From Crafting With Kids to Entrepreneur: Avery Murphy is an Example of Aligning With One's Passion

A few years ago I met this woman, Avery Murphy, as a coworker at a Calgary group home. It was impressive to see her talents with beadwork put to use as a way of connecting with the youth in a way that supported their creativity and helped them reach a level of friendship. Not only was she helping the kids to relax and feel safe, she was also growing into a maturity and confidence in her own work; she was the teacher and the student in sharing her interest with those eager to learn. Craft works has long been a method for building relationships while providing fun and creative ways of interacting and Avery had a natural way of utilizing her own talents for crafting as a way of reaching out in friendship.
What started as simple little projects to share with some kids slowly developed into a confident endeavor of designing specialty crystal jewellry.

Although many people may underestimate the courage and gumption it takes to put one's work out there, Avery serves as a reminder to all of us that when we truly have a talent and interest in something, then we need to believe in it and just do it.
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