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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clean Water Presented in a Not So Pristine Package

My appreciation is extended to CBC’s Marketplace for an investigative journalism piece they aired on January 28, 2011, called “Clean Water; Dirty Tricks”. You see, I was duped by a water filtration company, not as a customer but as an employee. In my bucket list of life lessons and uncovering the residual beliefs of my core issues with money, I grabbed unto a job offer with Pristine Solutions Newmarket, a distributor of SimplyH2O. This company seemed to offer fast and easy money while allowing me to promote something I deeply believed in; clean water and preserving the planet. I thought it was a fantastic offer to be given the opportunity to educate people about something I really believed in while making some great money. The exchange would be better health and greater awareness for the customers and great money and joy of sharing an important message for me. Boy I was so wrong! Of everything I was told in my interview, none of it was honored in practice and by the time I went through the 3 day training, I had already given up the only other job I had been offered so I was desperately hoping that I would at least make enough money to be able to bail out with some dignity. That didn't happen.

At the time I had been unemployed already for a period of 6 months and with debts piling, creditors hounding me to get student loans paid off, and at the risk of losing my car, this job offer with a great hourly salary and loads of incentives and bonuses was pretty darn attractive. I should have known better I guess, because it’s not the first time I got duped by a golden opportunity. It really is true what they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t”. My naïveté still amazes me!

So I am watching this program and seeing the very company that I had the misfortune of getting entangled with. How is it that I can watch this now and see the glaring truth of the fear mongering and manipulation but so easily brushed aside my intuition that something wasn’t right earlier on? It is such a shame that a good product and an otherwise great solution had to be tarnished by such brazenly dispicable manipulation of people's fears. Problem was, I did feel my intuition kicking in but I was too wrapped up in my desperation of resolving my money problems to have enough faith in trusting my intuition. My ego had me convinced that the promise of money to solve my problems was more important than my sense of integrity in upholding spiritual principles. It’s quite simply a matter of the ego disguise.

You see, as our consciousness moves through a process of uncovering that which isn’t real, circumstances in our life experience will come along to challenge us to discern truth from illusion, and sometimes that challenge comes in packages that have all the outward appearances of being exactly what we need or want. Sometimes our dependence in the comfortable and familiar ways of operating will take precedence over what out intuition is showing us because it feels safer and easier than blindly trusting that unknown circumstances will somehow come through for us to meet our needs. We look for the simple solutions not realizing that these so-called fixes actually cause us greater grief than if we just trusted and allowed our intuition to guide us. We often ignore our intuition because we think we know better based on a series of lifelong familiar patterns of how things are supposed to be. I have been learning the hard way!

Over the course of the last several years I had made a clear decision to shake free from the limitations of my self-inflicted belief system that clearly was not supporting my spiritual growth. A core issue in this process was money. Most human beings have the same issue; a reliance and trust in money as that which saves them. My experience with this water filtration company exposed not only the futility of relying on money (a man made and highly unstable commodity) but also emphasized how easily falsity can be disguised by promising the very things that we desire. In this case, I was attracted to this company because it tapped into one of my values…that of preserving one of natures greatest resources, water. Under the guise of being a green, health conscious and earth preserving company, they were actually manipulating a value system to serve their own greed. Consumers beware that just because a company claims to be green conscious or caring for the environment, doesn’t always mean that it is. In this case, it was a blatant manipulation of human fears to feed the greed of human desire for money. This is exactly how ego gets away with keeping our human consciousness trapped in a system of lies and false beliefs to prevent our spirit from waking up and honoring our place of integrity. More than that, the sales tactics demonstrated clearly how ego works by manipulating our core fears and twisting them by providing false solutions that satisfy our need to have things explained and proven rather than simply trusting in what our intuition guides us to.

After watching this Marketplace program, I felt sick inside because I could not believe that I was actually one of those people who had played on the fears of others in order to try to make some money. How could I have been so cruel and blind and stupid?! Thank goodness I never graduated to be an actual salesperson for this company. I got out before it was too late because I did finally trust my instincts and challenged the company on its integrity. The response I got from them was that you can’t make it because you’re not aggressive enough. When I challenged them on their sales tactics, I got rebuffed. When I filed a claim against them through Employment Standards, they managed to get away with it based on a contract that was signed out of ignorance; which by the way, they continually failed to provide me with a copy of. My only recourse would have been to take them to a cival court, but having no income and not being able to afford even the fee for filing the claim, there was nothing I could do. This is what companies like these rely on and what enables them to get away with being bully's.

I suppose I am grateful to some extent because I uncovered yet another layer of residual beliefs to be healed but I do feel deeply sorry for the 9 people that I ran through a practice demonstration with…and subsequently planted seeds of the fear about the safety of their water. I would like to think that my insistence with these people about my desire to not bully them into buying a product but simply to educate them to be better aware of their water safety practices might have cushioned the detrimental effect. I am sure that if this company knew I was actually telling people how aggressive and unfair the company was being in its practices, I would have been fired anyway.

I suppose there is yet another lesson for me in this; that sometimes it’s okay to take a stand, push back, and speak up against that which isn’t in line with truth and integrity. I just wish I had done it sooner.
There really is something to be said to not filtering your voice, especially when it is coming from a deep place inside guided by intuition.


Unknown August 1, 2013 at 12:31 PM  
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Unknown August 1, 2013 at 12:32 PM  

Thank you for your honesty Nancy. We had a gentleman come to the door yesterday and were wondering how "good to be true" pristine solutions really was. Glad to say we are not going to join with them.

Unknown September 25, 2013 at 3:49 PM  

I can relate to your experience with Pristine Solutions.. I was hired by Pristine Solutions for the Barrie locations but was completely blind sighted about what I was expected to do. The title on the job posting that I applied to was "Appointment Setter" so desperate for work with administrative experience, I applied. I got a call the next day asking me to come in for an interview. In the interview I was told by Mr. Smith (owner of the company) that I was needed because they needed strong people on the phone. I was offered the position 5 hours after my interview with a monthly salary guarantee so of course, I accepted. I also went through 3 days of in class training learning how to do all of the tests for the water demonstrations and also learned some sales skills. We were told that the clients we see will be expecting us and when we arrived to their homes, we would be doing water quality evaluations. Well, yesterday was my first day out on the road going to "clients" homes. I showed up at multiple homes of people who refused to let me into their home as they were told on the phone by Pristine Solutions that there was a representative in the area that could "drop off" some info and samples to them. This company is a complete scam and have a very good way of "selling" the job to new employees. They are sales people so they did a pretty darn good job of convincing me that the job was the job for me.

I am sorry to say that I am another victim of this scam and would like to warn others to do your research before accepting a job that seems too good to be true. I know how frustrating job searching can be and how stressful it can be when you are desperate for money, but these companies do not deserve the chance to waste our time.

Definitely not a Pristine Package!

Dirk April 8, 2014 at 12:46 AM  

I'm sure this will not be posted but...
I have worked at Pristine for 2 years now.
All my family and most of my friends have systems and have stopped drinking bottled water as a result, reducing plastic waste by thousands of bottles annually.
In my 2 years, I have sold and serviced several systems and never used fear to sell any of them.
I intend to continue to try and educate people on ways to reduce plastic and chemicals for the planet and the many benefits of improving their water quality.

Nancy.. You could do much more for so many by addressing the atrocities of Nestle:


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