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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walking Through Illusion; Book Review

In her book “Walking Through Illusion”, Betsy Otter Thompson puts into context how the physics of action/reaction unfold in our lives, and in fact had unfolded in her own life to become translated into this text. For every belief we hold, or choice we make in how we approach dealing with a life situation, we create an energy that determines the nature of how that experience will unfold to impact our life. Thompson accomplishes this by entering into dialogue with Jesus who, in turn, shares insight about the interactions with various people he had come into contact with to shape the persona of whom we all know Jesus to be. Through these dialogues, the reader is shown the interplay of how the choices, or actions, of how the character applied a particular belief to a situation had an impact on the reaction, or resulting consequence, for how the experience continued to play out.

Through each set of dialogue, the reader is shown insight into how actions given from truth and integrity create a loving reaction instead of the illusionary and temporary satisfactions that come from exerting actions from a place of fear. By moving through different themes such as obstacles, beliefs, fairness, and betrayal, to list only a few, the reader is taken through a process of learning to examine to what extent illusions have been created around these themes in their own lives. With each of these themes being examined, it starts to become evident that there are many parallels for how all individuals at some point in their lives might have acted in ways that only served to prolong their fears and recreate the same negative consequences. A series of exercises are presented for the reader to apply their own action/reaction philosophy to determine how these lessons are being played out in their own lives. Subsequently, the reader has an opportunity to develop more conscious awareness of exerting positive action and thereby undoing or healing the continuous interplay of illusions that affect the quality of their life experience.

While written in a straightforward manner, this text offers a thought provoking examination of the deeper purpose for and opportunity to heal the fears and beliefs by which we determine our experience of life. Only when we are able to look honestly at how action/reaction is at play in our own lives, as Betty Otter Thompson has shared with us in this text, can we truly see that our experiences are nothing more than mirrors of our own making. Upon seeing and acknowledging these mirrors, it is only then that we can walk through the illusion to find our place in truth.


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