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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unemployed or Unencombered?

Okay, I moved to a new town about 4 months ago and still I am without a job. On a daily basis I have been churning our resumes and compiling cover letters. How many possible different ways can one summarize who they are and what they have to offer?! I figure at this rate I can state "Chameleon" as my main feature; after all, I am having to transform my abilities and skills at every turn to cater it to the potential job. Let's face it, when months go by and you need an income you start to care less and less about 'your career' and more about having money in your pocket. Maybe that's the point...maybe this is a lesson designed by my Higher and Wiser self to force me to get very real with what the hell I am doing to myself. Where is my true desire and what am I doing every day to honor it?

Carolyn Myss talks about our life force as being like 100 circuits of energy directly connected to our crown chakra which then distributes this life energy throughout our bodies. Whenever we engage in worries, activities, or beliefs that do not honor our truth, more and more of those circuits become tied up in functions other than supporting our joy and health and happiness. So if I am using up 50% of my circuits in the frustration of mixing and matching myself according to the job market, that means I am only giving 50% of my energy to maintaing my health. Yikes, that's not so good.

In the midst of my waves of frustration and discouragement I try to remember the bright many people crave the amount of freedom I have right now? How am I using that freedom to the most effective advantage? So what am I to do? Here's a novel idea...meditate... relax...chill... see the blessing in how beautifully my Divine, Higher Wisdom Self has catered my circumstances to assist me to grow beyond barriers. Why can't I be anything? Why can't I simply embrace new experiences and realize that it's not 'what' I do in this world, it's 'how I AM' in the world.

Today I am starting with taking a breath and bringing gratitude into my heart. Only in gratitude and an open heart can anything enter to bring me what I truly desire.

... YES, ...just like that my phone rings with an invitation from a potential employer who wants to talk to me about my vision. Gotta love how Divine timing works!


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