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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Old is a Funny Thing

In recent months, I have been watching from the sidelines as loved ones are forced to confront the facts of what being older and requiring greater care means. Engaged in a battle with trying to get adequate home care, make decisions for medical care, or making choices for nursing home care, leads to being confronted with the realization that no matter how much we might not like getting old and becoming dependent, it is inevitable that we WILL reach a point of having to let go. It is a letting go of all attachment to the life we thought we had built for ourself; a letting go of all the structures that have upheld the fabric of the created picture.

It is strange to be aware of ones own future playing out in front of you. Not everyone thinks ahead to the eventuality of what their life will be as a senior because most people are too absorbed in the own immediate self-interests to realize the importance of being prepared to accept their mortality. It is strange to bear witness to the gradual falling away of resistence and succumbing to a complete and helpless surrender. It is a life example of how stubbornly our ego holds on to the notions of our own power and arrogance in believing that our own little experiences are so far more important than that of the Grander Design.

It is perhaps a great blessing to me to be able to hold awareness of the gift that I am realize the insight it offers me into appreciating more of what my life is now and not wasting it. I offer great gratitiude to my loved ones for their courage, their fortitude, and grace in coming to a place of acceptance of thier movement forward in the great unfolding of life.

Only a few weeks ago I attended a Cosmic Camp at Gaia Centre in Halliburton, Ontario, where I heard with fresh ears the story of the evolution of the cosmos. I learned with a fresh perspective how very minute our human lives really are in the greater picture and understood in a new way how important it is to accept the transitions of life as a mere speck of change in the Divine Creation.

So now as I watch my loved ones moving through thier resistence, anger, bargaining, and acceptance of the turning of the wheel of life, I can hold a place in my heart to fill it with love for the process we inevitably have to move through in letting go of ego and coming to appreciate the deeper meaning in our existence.


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