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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Drumming of Earth

It was summer. 1981. I was bored. I sat on the ground, in the field behind my house. Grasshoppers were singing to me, taunting me and teasing me in a game of catch me if you can. The smell of field grass lingered. My hair was being softly kissed with a gentle breeze coming across the field. I stretched out on my belly to smell that deep earth smell. It told me a story. I lay my chin on my enfolded arms and closed my eyes to listen more closely. I started to feel a subtle vibration which grew stronger and stronger as the seconds passed. I listened closely with eyes shut while I felt the ground shiver beneath me. I heard it, like a drumming in the earth getting louder, harder, faster, and then I saw it. A pack of wild horses came charging up into the field. My wild heart beat matched their rhythm as I became filled with excitement, then fear. I saw them charging towards me, a sitting duck! A blur of color rushed past me as manes flew in the breeze and bodies danced in a flurry of muscle, sinew, and sweat. I wasn’t scared anymore. I saw them as my conquest. I was their Master. I wanted to run with them and I did. My body screamed in joy and I joined in the thunderous sounds with my own screams. This was me. The horses. We were the drumbeat of the earth.


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