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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do or Die

At nine years old I feel the call of freedom. I sit on my bike. Feet are planted on the ground. I stare at the road ahead. It drops down a long sprawling hill and around a turn. I notice the sparkles on the chrome of my handlebars as the sun strikes it. Gripping the handlebars, taking a deep breath, I take note that there is no traffic coming. This is it! This is the moment. Do or die! Gulp! My foot finds the pedal and with a big huff I go, pedaling with fury. I shout out with a sense of utter exhilaration “whee ... wind…” I let go of the pedals. My legs stretch out to the sides. I feel the resistance of wind rushing past me and whipping through my hair. I feel free! Around the turn comes a car, headed right for me. What do I do? Where do I go? I try to find the pedals but they’re moving too fast. My feet slip and I panic. Firmly gripping the handlebars, I quickly turn, across the road, over a bump, and off I go down over another hill. Loose gravel. Oh no! My bike wobbles and slips on the road, but no, I got it. I’m steady again. Still coasting, my heart is bursting out of my chest. Down I go over another hill, another turn, and then aahhh…straight road. Slowing down. Stop. Feet back on the ground. Safe! Gulp! I want to go again.


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