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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fresh Air and Sunshine

I just returned from a week long retreat; camping with my girlfriend in Bala, in the Muskoka Lakes Region in Ontario. For a whole week we were blessed with clear skies, sunshine, and a beautiful quiet lake to swim in. It reverted me back to being a kid at summer camp when the biggest concern I had was remembering to wear sunblock and coming out of the lake long enough to eat and sleep.
It's amazing how simply stopping and really observing the natural surroundings can have the powerful effect of completely clearing the mind of the clutter of concerns and anxieties of modern living.
For the first couple of days, I was too wimpish and I suppose still too tensed up to enjoy dipping in the water. I found it too cold and I was too preoccupied with the junk in my head. By the second day as I waded into the water and felt my toes sink into the sandy bottom, I was transported back in time to remember the feeling of freedom. My child came out to play.

For the rest of the week I became totally lost in the exhilaration of being unihibited and carefree. I even felt free and relaxed enough to go skinny dipping for the firt time ever in my life...granted it was short lived because of the chill of the water but nonetheless it opened me up to realizing the importance of breathing and allowing life to happen.

In this space of freedom and pure relaxation, I remembered who I am and remembered my true heart's desire. Going into this stillness and breathing room in my heart showed me how very loud the calling of one's soul song can be.


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