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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Physical Pain and Higher Awareness

My body is changing just as humanity is changing. Lately, with any changes in weather patterns, and especially when we have rain, my head throbs with the beginnings of a migraine. I always know when a big shift is coming because my head feels like it wants to crack open. Higher awareness cannot fit inside the confines of this meager space of phyicalness we call our head.

I’ve always been a pretty healthy woman but lately I feel as if my body is failing me in some ways. My joints hurt. My feet burn and my heels and toes are under siege with shooting pins of pain. Perhaps the path I have walked is causing pain; that is the path of human conditioning called ego. It no longer feels cushiony and supportive. Just as we need to change our footwear to exchange for better support and comfort, perhaps it is time to trade up for a more fitting path of spiritual awareness that our bodies will be received in grace.

When I first started on a spiritual path, I was pretty naive about the importance of caring for the physical body. It was easy for me perhaps because I was in pretty good form anyway. All the references to the illusion of the world led me to believe that the physicalness of this world didn't matter because the real stuff wasn't in our bodies. The kind thing to do for ourselves is to keep the body tuned up and physically at its optimum in order to gracefully receive the tremendous higher frequency and vibration of light that is making its way through us.

Experiencing physical discomfort and pain is a result of not fully appreciating, loving and taking care of our bodies with the soul nourishment AND the physical care it requires to operate at the higher frequencies being channeled through us. My body is a temple and it needs to be loved spiritually as well as physically.

So my advice to myself as well as others is take the time to listen to your body. It has far greater wisdom than we (in our ego heads) will ever fathom.


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