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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Man' in suits

Perhaps there is no better place than in a court of law to see how much humankind really believes in its creation of laws and rules. On this particular occasion, I was sitting in on a Supreme Court session. There were approximately 12 lawyers, all wearing their black gowns. They strutted back and forth, wearing their faces in frowns and stern contemplative looks. Once in a while you could see them exchange raised eyebrows and could almost sense that they were mulling over the gravity of the decisions being made. There was a tension in the air that spoke to the power held inside this forum. Watching the lawyers, you could almost see the wheels turning in their brains as they worked out the logistics to make the pieces fit into their scheduled plans. Meanwhile, the Judge sat in front of the room with a computer screen in front of him where he read something or was doing some obscure task that no one else is witness to, other than seeing him stare at the computer.
It bore the resemblance of the scene from "The Wizard of Oz" where the screen is filled with an image of the great Oz that is so revered, until Dorothy discovered that this image isn't Oz at all, but is in fact a tiny man hidden behind a curtain. It's the little man who created all the bravado and false imagery only to give the impression of his greatness. The Judge too, sits in front of a screen as is receiving guidance from some unseen entity. He, too, is guided by another set of rules that he must adhere to. Meanwhile, all these people who have been waiting for hours, weeks, months, even years to be seen by the Judge had their lives spelled out by the scribbles of the Judge's pen. Years of anticipation gets summed up in a ten minute exchange.

All this is not to downplay the years of study and experience that these individuals have put into their roles. It is this very contribution that deems them an authority on the matter. However, how can others make such grave and serious 'judgements' about an individual they know nothing about except the words typed on the page in front of them by other individuals who have formulated their own perceptions about who they are?

So we have all the players, each in their own suit. Their power or authority is determined by the suit they wear. What but the suit sets them apart? Only for the suit, wouldn't they all be the same? Are they not all equally human beings carrying emotions, struggles, wheels in their brains meking out their existence the best the know how given the information they have?


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