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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Factory Lines of Life

Okay, the last place I expected to end up working is in a factory. I suppose I am one of those people who had formulated ideas about my own importance and that certain work was not for me, especially with my training and background. Yet, here I am working in a car parts factory. It's loud (gives me incessant headaches), my hands are chaffed and scratched, and having to be on my feet so much has scarred my feet with blisters. Still, amidst the hum of machines and conveyor belts spewing out plastic bits that somehow fit together with other bits to create a part, I am reminded of the reference I made in my book, Obscurity In Your Face, to my mother. For years she had to work in a fish plant in similar conditions as this factory I now work in. It's humbling. It's a divine intervention to have me serve as witness yet again to the underlying human condition and belief system.

As I stood for what seemed like the hundreth hour in front of the belt picking up little plastic bits for examination, it got me to thinking about this as an analogy of the way humans live their lives. While I can very readily state that I do not enjoy working in a factory and that it isn't a very loving expression for me (knowing that my true passion is elsewhere), the symbolic display of these conveyor belts representing the stuff that life brings your way shows me how human tend to go on autopilot at times. We move into a sort of routine with our daily schedules and ways of doing things without ever taking time to question or see things differently. We make do because we don't realize our ability to create and recreate our lives according to our inner heartfelt desires.

I spoke to several people who work at the factory and they all say they hate this work and would rather be doing anything else than this. Yet, they speak of having been there for 8 years, 12 years, and so on. One gentleman described to me how this work had become a way of life for many of the workers because there just wasn't anything else. That sounds very sad to me. Again, a testament to the human tendency to move into auto pilot and act as if life is a conveyor belt. They simply stand in front of the line and take what's given without ever realizing that there are alternatives.

If only we could challenge ourselves in our own life as readily as we challenge the inconsistencies and inefficiencies of the products coming off the conveyor belts. Can't we realize that it is our own actions, beliefs and fears that is the material going into the machines of our lives that results in the product being spewed out on the conveyor belts of our lives? If we don't like the product, then we need to go back and tweak and adjust the mechanics of what we started with. Sometimes, it only requires a little greasing to fix it all up.


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