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Monday, April 5, 2010

No Shoes

My grandmother has a plaque hanging on the wall in her house. It reads "I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who had no feet". When I was a child, I would often stop to read that plaque. It became somewhat of a mantra; a gracious reminder to me to always be greatful for what I have.

Just as many of us do, I sometimes forget to express gratitude. Today was one of those days. As the sun was beaming beautifully outside, I sat inside totally absorbed in a computer game called 'Bejewelled'; a distraction that I consciously chose as a distraction from thinking about how things aren't exactly the way I want them to be right now. Towards the end of the day, as I am still absorbed in this game, determined to beat my own high score, I started to become aware of what this game was showing me. The object of the game was to line up gemstones in sets of at least three in order to remove them from the board. As I watched the gems line up, disappear from the board and then be replaced with new ones, it occured to me how symbolic this is of life choices.

We set out in our life with the goal to achieve certain things, or to experience life in a certain way. Sometimes we become so focused on having things happen according to how we want them to happen that we miss seeing how easily things can flow into alignment when we least expect them. As we clear one step in our process, or achieve one of our goals, things will automatically shift in accordance with the choices that got us there. Every choice is followed by a new arrangement of circumstances for which we then face an opportunity to choose again. Sometimes, like in this game I was playing, we libne things up to unexpectedly be rewarded with bonus points or larger sets of gems being aligned that we didn't anticipate and then the board gets cleared to make our job easier. So, maybe we won't have any shoes to wear, but perhaps in not having the shoes, we will walk through the warm sand or feel the refreshment of morning dew on the lawn. How we experience it is up to us to choose.

A Course In Miracles tells us that when we are faced with unhappy circumstances, or find ourselves feeling dissatified, then we simply choose again. Every time we choose, we have the opportunity to choose our peace (a.k.a to choose Spirit) or to continue making the choice for circumstances that only serves to create more unhappiness. For the most part, when we're playing a silly little computer game we can easily let go of making bad choices that results in a poor score or losing the game, but why do we choose to hold on so firecely to self-criticism for choices we make in our lives? All we have to do is choose again and experience the joy that is inherent in our creation.

It brings me to thinking about the satisfaction that comes when we know that we have done a good job with a project we'd been working on, or when we have struggled with being motivated enough to stay focused on a goal. When we finally do get through it, there's a pure feeling of relief and acceptance that "yes, I did it!" When we get there, it's easier then to look back and see that our dedication and vigilance was worth it. Today was my day of being reminded to stay the course and be mindful of how I choose in every express and feel gratitude in my heart for the journey.


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