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Monday, April 26, 2010

How cup will travel

It is interesting to me how Tim Horton’s seems to be everywhere. No matter how many people live in a town, and no matter if Tim Horton’s sets up shop on every corner, it’s always packed! It’s like a virus. Funny enough, it seems to be everywhere in nature as well. Stuffed into a tree trunk on the trail of Rennie's River. Sitting among the beach rocks at Middle Cove Beach. Left at the war memorial in downtown St. John's. Seems to me it makes a bold statement about the state of our human condition.

Now, I ought to be among the last to complain about human obsession with coffee because I love the stuff. What I don't understand is our compulsion to require it so greatly that we can't even walk outside in nature without having to take it along and then ditching the container to soil our beautiful earth. Don't you think that with all the studies having been done on what fast food, materialism, and the cumpulsion to be in the 'rat race' called life, that we would have figured out a few things by now?! How much have we really learned when Tim Horton's cups show up imbedded in our trees?!

Recently there have been these Brita water jug comercials on tv asking us to imagine the empty water bottles in our kitchen from all the bottled water we've consumed over the year. It seems kinda nutty to allow all these bottles to kick around in our kitchen. So WHY are we doing it with cardboard or styrofoam coffee cups in the very places that we go to appreciate the fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful natural surroundings? I mean, come on, why does a Tim Horton's cup have to get stuffed into a tree? I know that cardboard comes from trees, but I don't think that is exactly the right concept for recycling!


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