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Monday, April 12, 2010

History of Hands

Today I attended a gathering with my family to have an opportunity to share in a picture to mark five generations. As I observed the exchanges of conversation and seeing how everyone was wanting to scramble to get pictures of everyone together, it occurred to me how much my grandmother serves as a symbol of history in the making. How many babies had she seen born and grow up only to now be holding their own little baby in their arms? How many gatherings have happened in her presence? and how many celebratory cakes have we dished out together?

As years blur past and we often forget to cherish the moments, it's good to have a purpose in causing us to take the time to stand still a moment to appreciate the history that comes into a room simply by being with family. It is a history of joys, of heartbreak, of disappointments, of celebrations, of tragedies, and of unexpected experiences. It is family; and no matter what might pass through us and between us as the years melt away, family hold the history; the beginnings and the endings and the cycles of life through the generations.

As I placed my hand upon my grandmother's, I silently offered my heartfelt gratitude for all the love that my grandmother's hands, as a symbol of our history, have given and held.


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