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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God in our writing...

Today I read a post by T.J. Phillips on the Believe in the Moment Spiritual Author Competition Group discussion page. She was sharing that lately when she's trying to write, the word GOD keeps popping in there every time she tries to write good. She took it as a message that God was reminding her to be present and remember the presence of Spirit in what she's doing.

TJ, you are right on the mark! I too have been experiencing GOD popping into my writing. It is a gentle reminder that no matter what we are doing or what activity of life we engage in, GOD is in everything and therefore we can receive inspiration in everything. I have often heard people comment that "I'm not that spiritual" or "What I am doing isn't very spiritual" fact everything is spiritual when it is occuring from a heart that is open to express light. Engaging in practices that are typically considered spiritual, ie. meditation, chanting, yoga, etc are all very wonderful but what people forget is that even making a sandwich for your loved ones lunch is spiritual, cleaning up garbage is spiritual, EVERYTHING we do is spiritual when it is done from an open heart and acceptance of our Divine Presence.
When GOD pops into our writing, I believe it is a reminder to remember that regardless of what it is we are feeling the desire to express, if it is coming from that heartspace of pure thought, then it is worthy of being expressed. I've also heard many people comment on having to write in a way that is spiritual enough or powerful enough or interesting enough...again, when writing comes from pure inspiration...whether it is a technical manual of car repair or a tips guide for tax preparation or a channeled material on ascension awareness, it is ALL spiritual coming from heart!
So my dear TJ, thank you for being an open and pure heart for sharing this space for GOD to pop in.


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