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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking out of density consciousness

The rain is falling heavily outside and I sit here listening to the drops beating against the eaves and windows; watching as the rivulets run down the panes. The greenery outside looks more green and I think that perhaps this is a much needed cleanse for the earth. Her heart chakra is opening to shine forth the compassionate green light of her core.

In recent days the icelandic volcano has erupted, sending tons of ash and debris into the air. It would never had occured to me to think that Newfoundland would be affected by a volcano, yet in the past couple of days St. John's International Airport has cancelled flights; following in the actions of the cancelled flights in Europe. You see, the world isn't so large afterall.

It makes me think about humanity and the potential impending doom of 2012. No one likes to think of destruction, or perhaps even judgement day, but could all the activity of earth disasters be a glimpse into waht is coming? The reality of the world around us is that flooding, earthquakes, and now volcanic eruptions have been causing us to stop, look, listen. We have a choice to use it as a opportunity to go inside our hearts and connect again to that which is truly of Spirit or we can use it to continue the games of human ego creations.

Over the past several months I have been experiencing all sorts of new and somewhat strange physical symptoms. Since I know that I am otherwise quite healthy, I have awareness enough to realize that what I am experiencing is in fact symptoms of Ascension. What this is, in simple terms, is a set of physical sensations resulting from my physical body having to be adjusted to the higer vibrations and frequency of Spirit/God/Source/Enlightenment energy raising my consciousness and 'existence' to be integrated with Source. I have also been experiencing back pain, which Louise Hay would tell me is having to do with beliefs and emotions I hold around security, finances, and sense of belonginging. However, it also has to do with the development of the new root of the Higher Self, which resides in the heart space. So my back pain is a symptom of releasing and integrating the lower chakras into the higher heart/root.

So what does this all really mean? It means that humanity has reached a state of readiness to exist in a state of deeper, more compassionate, and more Spirit-focused presence. We are ready to live from our heart space instead of the human constructed foundations that we often associate with when we operate from the lower chakras. The natural disasters that have been occuring are in direct response to the changes of vibration resulting from humanity coming into a higher state of Being in the Spiritual Heart space.

These earth changes cannot perhaps be prevented; they can however be absorbed into a more open compassionate heartspace where the shifting and changing can occur in a much more gentle way. The human body is but a smaller scale version of earth as a whole. When we start to experience Higher Awareness and come into a Spiritual Awakening, our physical bodies start to experience changes from the cellular level, our DNA, right up to the physical aches and pains in our body. The more we are choosing to remain in the density of human consciousness, the greater the discomforts we will feel as the Spirit Consciousness comes in.

The vibration that is Higher Awareness comes at such a high frequency that the density of our physical body needs to receive adjustments in order to be able to receive it. The same is happening now with the earth. The higher frequency of Ascended Consciousness (which is merely the receiving of pure Source energy) is coming into earth, and the denseness of earth and of humanity's belief systems and structures need to literally break and crack in order to be able to allow this Source energy to flow into it.

As sad and uncomfortable as it is for us as human beings to experience the effects of such destruction occurring, the resulting Ascended state of existing and Being with the Truth that is Spirit will be the reward of emerging into a new state of earth and of life. And all we need to do is BE with our own bodies, breathe, and open up our minds and heart to willingly receive the light of Spirit and trust in our loving journey within the light of our own soul....which by the way does not necessarily mean death as we know it in human form. We can quite easily transform within and maintain our human existence; we just start to experience being human in a much more joyful, peaceful, and harmonious way.


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