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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Water on Rock

I'm thinking a lot about rocks lately, maybe because of hearing about all the activity with the earthquakes, first in Haiti and now in Chile. It got me thinking about the strength of rocks, both the physical strength and how we use it as a spiritual metaphor.

I'm at home, in Newfoundland, which has the nickname "The Rock", perhaps because of it's rugged coastlines, perhaps because it is largely existing from a bed of rock that has risen from the ocean, but maybe it also comes from a spiritual understanding of the resiliency of the Newfoundland people. On top of Signal Hill is the Johnson GEO Center. One of the outer walls of the Geo center is a rock wall with a smooth, rippled surface. This wall, in actual fact, is over 550 million years old and was once the bottom of the ocean.

And still Newfoundland sits out there in the Atlantic ocean, vulnerable to the elements of weather and the potential for moving and shaking of the planet. I remember being a child in sunday school and singing about how the "wise man build his house upon a rock". It was of course, refering to building your life by trust in God and in the spiritual guidance that shaped your existence. For Newfoundlanders, we often literally built our houses upon the rock, and lived by faith that somehow things work out.

Then I think about water. It is fluid, soft, gentle, flowing and as the ebb and flow of the oceans tides shape our culture, the water itself literally shapes out the land. Even something as soft and pliable as water can with vigilance and consistence wear down the strongest of rock. Once again going to spiritual metaphor, it's as if the slow moving tide of spiritual awareness has finally started to seep into the structures we've built our spiritual houses upon. And as Newfoundland moves forward to claim it's place among the developers and producers of the world, the spiritual waters are continuing to work on the structures of our psyches to wash away anything that doesn't hold a spiritual integrity and therefore cannot uphold the Higher plan of Spirit. So does our "rock" become transformed and our culture become shaped into a new way of being.


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