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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Head and Heart

I read an article in The Telegram a couple of days ago about the possibility that the burial place of the last Beothuk indian, Shawnadithit, may have been found. It made mention of the fact that her body had been buried without her head because she had been decapitated and her head sent elsewhere as a contribution to research. Interestingly the head was said to have been sent to a physician's college in London for research purposes but was lost during the German bombings in the Second World War.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the connection between head and heart and the whole idea of what occurs with our 'spirit' when it leaves the body. Is is possible that our soul energy remains attached somehow to where our physical body rests? and if we lose our heads, symbolically or literally, are we destined to be forever entangled in an energetic cord of attachment that keeps us tied to a place or circumstance, thereby creating karmic energy that carried over through lifetimes seeking resolution?

Not sure if I have any clear thoughts on this topic just yet, but it's rattling about somewhere in my psyche. One day I'm sure a succinct thought will come.


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