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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Voice of the Land

I went for a stroll around The Battery, St. John's, last week and then a couple of days ago, I spent some time at Topsail Beach in my sacred space. I was away from this space for a period of time. I moved out west to Alberta, thinking that I was going on an adventure, having a soul journey, broadening my horizons... In some regards, I was running away from myself. I was running from having to face the intensity of my soul growth that would bring me out into a space of truly shining. I wasn't ready to shine because I felt I didn't deserve it. I felt that I wasn't lovable enough or good enough or wise or capable enough to step out fully into the light of my own soul purpose. And so I ran from this place and ran from the powerful energy of my own heartspace opening up.

But my land, the soil of my soul's growth called to me and I had to return. Once again I stood among the trees, the ocean air, the sacred spaces where I often meditated and read and did my writing...and my land welcomed me without question, without judgement and simply loved me. It really is true that the natural surroundings where you grow and come into a sense of yourself has a voice that speaks to you. It certainly kept speaking to me despite the miles I had put between us. It's only when you become silent inside your own head that you can hear it.

Tuesday past I attended a meditation with some friends that I haven't seen for over 4 years. It was good to be back in that space...feeling like I was welcomed home. We did a planetary meditation in which we offer healing to the planet. Upon setting an intention for healing, I was immediately drawn into the soil. Rather than offering healing to the planet, I was immediately aware of a mutual inter-relation and inter-connectedness of this energy of life.

As I allow myself to feel the energy of nature, I literally feel as if my body is becoming dispersed and absorbed directly into the soil, into the air...I become the ocean waves and feel my own energy field as a vast expanse of everything. I feel open, free, light and in an utter state of blissful peaceful restfulness. There is no pain, no worry, no struggle with thoughts or a mind filled with the clutter of the daily grind. Nature welcomes me and invites me into a graceful dance of simply allowing the flow of being life itself.

So I leave that meditative state and take a look around me. I think about all the times past that I had scurried about, rushed past these sights, and completely missed the opportunity to fill my heart, my mind, my body and my soul with the utter gratitude and bliss that nature shows me is always present. Regardless of where I travel, of what I encounter, nature is always there holding this state of grace for me and welcoming me home to being fully present in life.


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