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Friday, February 19, 2010

Spiritual Healing in the real world

Many times over the course of my spiritual healing journey have I been faced with a sense of conflict between following my spiritual path and living in the world. The more enlightened I became, the more I struggled with abiding by the rules and structures of society. I started to feel a little rebellious and actually turned into a little bit of a snob because I couldn't make sense of how we are supposed to live in a world that was operating in seeming chaos. I started to feel that I could somehow magically learn to get by in the world without having to actually participate in it. I remembered a comment my dad had said to me years ago about thinking that I was born with a silver spoon. I remember feeling very hurt by that comment because I couldn't equate how being loving to oneself fit with the way life was unfolding. A lot of what I saw happening around me didn't seem very loving and it made me feel very sad. The Indigo child that I was saw beyond the surface of what was happening and saw instead a truth of how 'loving' was supposed to look, and what is going on in the world sometimes is far from loving.

I suppose some of this indignance carried over and to an extent, yes, I can say that I did carry a sense of entitlement that made it difficult for me to operate in this world. I started being hit with some very hard and humbling lessons to show me that I was no more special ( and no less special ) than anyone else. I have had friends come and go, work come and go, relationships come and go, and sabotaged what could have been some amazing opportunities for myself. But I didn't realize at the time that I was doing this. As far as I knew, I was being guided by some Higher Spiritual principles. Now I stand on the other end of some of those lessons and see the blessing in it. I am able to recognize now that it was exactly because of having those experiences that I am in a position of loving myself better and bringing a deeper understanding that I can extend outward to share with others. I was blessed with the experience of seeing the results of living in opposition to Higher Truth.

Now, I am not wanting to be too hard or critical of myself, because I do recognize that I have willingly chosen a spiritual path of trust that many have not been able to do. I have been able to maintain an open heart and an ability to remain loving, and gentle even in situations where many would have turned cold and bitter. My openness has brought me many exciting experiences and shown me more love and more joy and more adventure than I would have seen had I not been so willing to follow my Spiritual Guidance. I'm shown these experiences in order to share them, because like it or not, my Guidance is telling me that I was born into this life having a sense of my voice being stifled in order to overcome that and use my newly found voice to speak out.

And so I trudge onward, never really knowing from one moment to the next where I am being led. In maintaining my deep trust in Spirit and holding strong to the vision of a better, more open, and more loving way of being, I am witness to daily doses of miraculous healing in the most mundane of circumstances. A miracle is witnessed every time someone walks past a homeless person on the street and doesn't judge them. A miracle is witnessed every time someone reaches out their hand to assist another and in that moment stops the train of critical self-abasement going on inside their own head. A miracle occurs every moment that we stop the thoughts inside our head and in a simple, pure instant of time, we breathe and feel in our depths that all is perfect and all is well. A miracle occurred when the world forgot it's own troubles and reached our from compassionate hearts to assist our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

In spite of popular opinion that spiritual healing can only be embraced by those who carry a certain gift, I have come to understand that spiritual healing is the most subtle, most gentle, most seemingly mundane experience that even those who rant against 'spiritual anything' are indeed experiencing. It is being experienced in all those subtle little miracles that unfold all around us. That is not to say that spiritual healing doesn't come through profound and awe-inspiring displays of light and visions and out-of-body experiences, because they do. I have certainly had my share of them. But now I have come to understand that true spiritual healing comes in a whole range of experiences, not just the high-energy infusions for those following a spiritual path according to the world's definitions of what spirituality looks like.

Right now, the world is watching the Winter Olympics. Only a short time ago, we were caught in the huge outpouring of compassion towards Haiti after the earthquake. These events open up the inherent true nature of compassion and love. The Olympics operate in a slightly different way to also tap into that sense of togetherness and spirit of oneness that ties humanity to a common purpose. Even with the strong positive energy surrounding the Olympics, you can still witness some of the desperate energies that people feel they need to express. Only this afternoon, I was watching the men's speed skating and seeing how certain athletes were pushing and grabbing other athletes to sabotage them. This comes from a place of fear that if they aren't good enough, they will not be loved. If they don't win the gold, then they have let their country down. As humans, we do this kind of pushing, grabbing, and battling in everyday lives and beat ourselves up inside our own brains for not being good enough. Well, we are good enough. It doesn't matter if we get the gold. What matters is the manner in which we conduct our heartspace and keep our hearts, minds, and spirit open to give and receive love. We can be joyful for any of our brothers or sisters who step up to that podium and celebrate with them because they are an extension of us.

An open heart, open hands, and a willingness to see everyone as our friend, as our brother, as our sister, and as a fellow traveler headed in the same direction is what it's all about. Instead of pushing and shoving to get ahead, perhaps we might consider walking side by side and in extending our hand and our heart, we all get there. Our Canadian Ice Dance pair, Virtue and Moir, demonstrated something very beautiful for the world to see tonight as they took the lead in the ice dance competition. They spoke to the interviewer saying that they were not paying attention to what else was happening around them or how it might affect what they had to express, they simply focused on how they were being, had fun, and held their confidence in what they had to share with the world. This is a beautiful testament to how each one of us has an important role to play in being in our truth and expressing it honestly and humbly for the world to heal. That is the place from which healing flows out like a gentle ripple touching the hearts of humanity, reminding us of that very same love within our own hearts.


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