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Monday, January 25, 2010

Resisting Change and Stubborn Beliefs

I had a dream several nights ago that demonstrated to me very clearly what happens when we resist change and stubbornly hold on to beliefs or patterns of the way we choose to live.

I had been going to visit my grandmother. Once inside her house, I saw that it was empty of any furniture except for the one chair where my Grandmother always sits. The walls and floors were starting to decay and crumble. In fact, there were places where the floorboards had holes exposing the bare earth underneath. In some places, the walls also had holes. Through all these holes, you could see clumps of knarled tree roots that become from under the ground. I looked around in horror for what I was seeing...the danger to my Grandmother for living in such a state. I tried talking to her and to some family that were around but I seemed to be the only one who saw the truth of what was happening. I went to my Grandmother's aid to assist her to get to her chair, which happens to be the place where she spend the majority of her time. She was angry and scoffed at anyone trying to help her, but still I managed to help her to sit down.

I spoke of the terrible state of the surroundings, in disbelief that she actually thought everything around her was fine and that there was nothing wrong. I looked over and saw a large hole exposing the underside of the house. It was then that I noticed one particularly large mass of clumped earth and twisted roots. I overheard my aunt in the background, who by this time was starting to see what I was seeing. She commented on the fact that my grandfather had been buried under the house and it was then that I realized that this mass I was seeing was actually the corpse of my grandfather becoming unearthed from it's rest.

When I awoke from this dream, I felt very shaken, in part because it seemed so real and that it raised such concern for my loved ones. It also left me shaken because it triggered an awareness in me. So, symbolically speaking, this dream showed me a number of very important things:

First, when we don't face our 'stuff' in the light of honest and reflection and allow changes to occur...when we stubbornly hold onto the way things were, then we start to literally decay from the inside out.

Second, when we are neglectful of our surroundings, we lose sight of the important foundations that support us moving forward in a healthy and strong way

Thirdly,when we don't honor ourselves in the present, our past becomes nothing more than an ugly mass of twisted roots that come back to haunt us. This not only brings negative and unsettling vibes to us but also dishonors our loved ones that went before us.


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