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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reacting lovelessly...

Today I found myself in a situation of looking into the mirror...the spiritually symbolic mirror of my family. As it usually happens, I found myself immediately going to a place of feeling defensive, irritated, and frustrated over what might have been a very pleasant exchange. I ended up 'reacting lovelessly' and going to a place of judgement that left me feeling very uncomfortable after the exchange.

A good friend of mine, Stefanie Finn, who has been studying and teaching A Course in Miracles for several years, has recently published a book called "Messages To Love" In this book, she shares some messages that were given her from Universal Guidance. One of these messages states "When you react lovelessly to a Child of God, this has to be corrected". Today, when I reacted lovelessly, I instantly knew it had to be corrected. I had reacted in a way that was no only unloving to my family but also to me because it left me feeling very upset...guilty, frustrated, sad, despairing... It was literally like getting a whiff of smelling salts that jolted my awareness into action to correct my judgement. I have come far enough in my spiritual growth to know that what I was feeling today was a sure sign from my soul that I had some forgiveness to do within myself.

I phoned my mother back and shared with her my frustration over not feeling at peace with reacting in such a way. I shared with her my dissatisfaction with having gone to a place of judgement(ego) instead of allowing things to be exactly what they are. As I started explaining to her, I 'felt' something a very subtle way I was being shown to allow my compassion and understanding to come in for me as I offered forgiveness to myself for having created this to begin with. I was correcting my own ego judgement and bringing things back into the light of TRUTH...that everything is perfectly orchestrated to bring about the very things that need healing. And if you are the one doing the reacting, then it's your stuff that needs healing, not the other person. You are only responsible for your stuff.


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