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Saturday, January 23, 2010

a regular "Jo" Higher Consciousness

Recently there have been many questions coming my way about what this Higher Consciousness movement is really all about. It's fine for there to be a 'buzz' in the spiritual circles about raising vibration and tapping into Higher Awareness, but what the heck does that really mean? How do you explain this to the average jo, who probably has never identified a spiritual bone in their body? Okay, I will try...

Everyone has heard references to the idea of dealing with their emotional garbage cans where we've buried all our crap that we either couldn't deal with or simply didn't want to deal with. In a manner of speaking, we've dumped our energetic garbage into these pockets of hiding places throughout our physical bodies. The energetic garbage is a culmination of every single negative or judgemental or guilty thought, every single slight we have felt, every single repressed comment that we later felt we should have expressed, etc. Everyone knows that when we feel really stressed, we get headaches, tense muscles, chest pains, etc. That's because we have stored all the negative energy into our bodies and now our bodies are screaming "hey, don't go giving me any more of this crap. I've had enough", and so it starts to show us through pain and discomfort that the garbage bins need emptying. So, on a larger scale...all the physical bodies of the world are running about screaming about the overflowing garbage and before you know it, the entire planet is like this giant rave session except that all the screaming voices is the voices of pain and frustration. What that does is create an invisible wave of strong and very dense blanket of repression that starts spilling out in forms of physical destruction all around us. I'm certain we have all been witness to how a huge argument person states a disagreement about some comment, the next person comes back with a retort, another person steps in to defend, and then it moves like a ripple through a number of people to become a big heated debate all through the room. This same ripple effect is what has created the mass destruction and corruption in the world. It might have started as a simple thought someone dared to speak out loud that someone else disagreed with. So who gets to decide who is right and who is wrong? What if both were?...because both were coming from the same place of that tiny thought planted in their brain that someone had to be right. Scientific studies have proved eons ago that brain thought processes are part of a chemical and physical process. So why is it so hard to believe that tis same form of energy process could not also impact the world when enough brains are experiencing the same thought processes? That's where the idea of intuitive guidance, laws of intention, and heart-focused practices come from... by focusing all those positive vibes into a practical approach of your own personal readjusting of negative thoughts into positive ones, you tap into the grid of global and planetary and universal 'masses' of brain nerve firings to create a change in the way the world is operating. Unfortunately, in a big way, humanity has been doing this unconsciously with negative vibes for far too long and that my friends is what has created all the conflict and problems we see around our world. It starts to create energetic waves of negativity that results in systems breaking down...everything from computers crashing, phone lines going wonky, cars giving us trouble, and governing bodies of organizations and agencies failing to perform in the way we want them to.

In very simple terms, Higher Consciousness is nothing more than stepping back from all this negative energy and recognizing where we started empty vessel waiting to be treated with respect and loving kindness...not treated as a garbage bin. So, this leads to OUR role! All we have to do is be aware of what it is that we're wanting to dump into that vessel. If it's stuff we don't want to deal with, then why would we dump in inside us where it will only fester and build up and create a greater problem down the road. Now, are you thinking what I am thinking? That analogy strikes a chord of familiarity to a certain vessel we call 'Earth" does it not? What kinds of garbage are we dumping into our earth? Wouldn't it be better to hold some awareness of how we can best deal with the tiny thing and respectfully sort it out rather than dump it into the earth where it will build up to a point of being toxic and then we'll stand around asking ourselves, how did this happen? Who would have done such a thing? You're standing in the shoes of the one who would do such a thing! If you don't want the responsibility of 'dealing with it' then don't dump it in there! Face it before it becomes garbage.

Let me give you a real clear and simple example. The other day my computer crashed. I went into a panic...a kind of minor freak out actually...cried, yelled, and felt really angry! Then it occurred to me...wait a minute! What if this was actually one of those defining moments where something was happening for a 'purpose'. What if, this computer crash was actually one of those 'symptoms' that pop up to show me a sign and offer me some instruction to help me get better on track to clarify what I was really needing to do?! Eureka! That was it. That was my moment where I caught what might have been more negative 'trash' that went into my body as tension and crappy vibes. Instead I was able to take a deep breath and seize the moment to change the approach I was taking to the projects I was working on. And guess what happened... I went back to my computer with a better understanding that I needed to organize a few things better and low and behold, my projects started to unfold more smoothly. I prevented the garbage by seeing it as a piece of instruction instead.

How often have you asked someone a question, a real meaningful question about themselves, and then only gotten a response of "I don't know". How often have you thought, "well how could you not know yourself what you are thinking? Why don't we know ourselves better?" ...because we are too busy throwing trash instead of treating ourselves like our own best friend and being kind to them. I have talked to many people who told me they felt discouraged about trying to develop friendship with people because the other person didn't seem interested enough to ask them questions or were too busy talking about all their own stuff...well, HELLO! Are you asking you questions to get to know you?!...questions that expose your innermost thought patterns and expose what your core values are? If not, then start asking and then you might be a little better aware of the crap that you might otherwise dump inside yourself instead of letting it become something that might actually be helpful to you. Seize those moments of 'signs' or 'instruction' that come and if every 'body' in the world started doing that more often, the crap would build up into all these negative vibes that spill over into the garbage cans of life to create even larger scale problems where everyone start pointing fingers and blaming everyone else.


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