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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Energy Building to 2012

I've had several conversations with friends and loved ones recently about some bizarre energies happening. Many people are becoming more aware of the build-up to the 'end of the world' prediction of 2012. I'm far from an expert on the topic, but I really believe that this is not going to be an actual doomsday as depicted through hollywood versions of 2012 or the mass hysteria that many think might occur. In my humble opinion, as someone who has been directly working with energy and receiving intuitive guidance for a number of years, my heart tells me that 2012 is actually going to be more like an opening of the heartspace of humanity. What this means, quite simply, is that there will be a huge realization in the hearts of all of us that we have been approaching things in a very damaging and hurtful way.

We will begin to recognize all the subtle ways we have actually been judging each other, keeping each other prisoner to expectations, trying to manipulate and control each other's emotions, etc. If we took the time to look at our own personal experiences, every single one of us can think of instances where we have felt slighted by another, felt trampled over, felt that we weren't taken seriously, etc. This is the kind of hurtful energy that is created when we don't take the time to truly listen to one another...because we are too busy inside our own brains trying to make sure 'we' are heard and listened to rather than creating the open space for both of you to be heard and seen together. On a larger scale, society and humanity will begin to allow old belief systems to be replaced with more loving and compassionate paradigms and we will no longer insist on upholding structures of society that are clearly not doing a good enough job of 'loving' us and supporting us in a way to instill confidence and growth in our soul. In this regard, the world is going to 'end' it's patterns of control and manipulation and open up to allow our human emotions, compassion, intellect, and connection to life to be our guide instead of restrictive containers of thoughts and beliefs systems that simply don't cut the mustard!

This energy build-up to 2012 has been bringing many other energy shifts as well. Recently, on January 15th, there was a sort of jump-start energy that created a great deal of discomfort for people. Many of you might have been experiencing sleepless nights, buzzing in your ears, seemingly chaotic or bizarre reactions going on around family stuff, misunderstandings, irritations, physical pains or discomforts, etc. In simple terms, our physical bodies are being prepared and going through a vibrational adjusting in order to allow an easier shift over to a higher vibration of compassionate love for the planet and for all life. I myself had a very emotional day...went from extremes of crying in frustration, anger, sadness, to the other extreme of recognizing some amazing things unfolding in my life. Even my computer took a crash, following an earlier episode in the week when programs seemed to be slowed down and jumbled. Well, of course this sort of thing is going to occur because if we as a society, as humanity, as a mass consciousness, are going to 'survive' 2012, we need to be able to clean out all fragments of old and outdated programming in order for the new to be able bring us into a stronger and healthier mode of operating.

My computer crashed as I was trying to establish my new projects, and the fact that it did crash was symbolic of me as the physical vessel coming into a new, more enlightened me. I cannot expect to expand in consciousness as long as my old beliefs and modes of operating are creating sludge in my mind, body, and spirit. In order for me to take the leap forward, I need to face head-on all the stuff from the past (beliefs, hurts, judgements, arguments, assumptions, as well as the attachments to agendas and things I had placed on a pedistal as being better than something else). It ALL has to cleared out and re-programmed in the light of truth because only in the stark light of truth can anything be free. If I try to bring any agendas or old belief patterns into my new me then it will result in a crash, just like my computer did, because the programs do not jive.

These energy shifts are a little hard for people to wrap their brains around, especially if you haven't been on much of a spiritual path (as far as you know). Even those who are following a spiritual path sometimes have a difficult time with making sense of it all. I still have days where I shake my head and feel completely puzzled about why life happens the way it does. It's really not all that complicated when we simply allow the truth of what is right in front of us. I often hear people commenting on things like "I'm not as spiritual as you are", or "I don't see the spiritual guidance",...well I can tell you in all honesty that YES, you are spiritual, and YES, you do receive the insight. "It's not some secret weapon that comes between nouns"...that's a message that was given me years ago by my Guidance. All it's saying is that spiritual truth doesn't necessarily come in some glorified form or hidden in some place that you need to hold a special key to access...NO...spiritual truth is EVERYONE'S gift and it doesn't take some so-called genius to be the one to divy it out to those who are deemed fit. Truth comes to us in the most simple and routine manner but many of us miss it because of our expectation for some grandiose version of what 'spiritual' is expected to look like. We've all heard the expression "Out of the mouths of babes". Well, the innocence and unfiltered truth of children comes loaded with wisdom. Pay attention to them more and we can all learn a great deal. A lot of what we as adults offer is jaded by the labels and prescriptions of society.

Let me give you an example of the simplicity of Spirit's message of love given us. Yesterday I was coming through the end process of having made some realizations about some very practical, down-to-earth decisions I needed to make to care for myself. I meditated on it while and it seemed that I was not getting a clear answer from my guidance. ( because I was waiting for some awesome out-of-body experience, or for some spirit guide to appear before me...) What came instead was an envelope in my mailbox that contained my new MCP card. Since I just moved back to NL from Alberta I had no health coverage. My Divine guidance appeared through MCP to show me that "God has me covered". God having us covered comes in the form of seemingly mundane activity or occurrences that we too often brush aside as stupid everyday stuff...the same stuff that we too often allow ourselves to get angry and frustrated with. With my new MCP card, came my answer from Guidance to address the needs of my physical well-being and in doing so I honor the 'temple' of my body that God gifted me with. How much more simple can it be?

So, if you're concerned about what all the talk about 'shifting consciousness' and 'awakening of humanity' is really all about, take some time to be more attentive to what's going on around you. Notice the little thoughts that you are brushing aside because you think that it might be a silly thought. Next time, don't be so quick to brush off the seemingly mundane or silly or stupid things that get interjected into your day. Pay attention to them because they just might be the answer you've been waiting for.


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