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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Angels at the Hair Salon

Went to get a hair cut today...questioned why I was choosing to go to a cheaper place rather than a place that cost a little more but where I knew I would get a nice cut. It boiled down to making the decision based on the very simple fact of convenience...I was feeling too lazy and tired to go anywhere else when this place was practically just across the street from me! Unlike the many times in the past that I went cheapo because of fear of money...this time I made a choice strictly from a place of being most loving to myself. I couldn't stand another day of my hair being down in my face but I also couldn't muster the energy to trudge about town to find another salon. I cared enough for myself in this moment to choose the easier and most convenient route across the street. It was the right choice and the Angels at the salon demonstrated this for me.

I went to Lemoine's school of hair design where students get to practice cutting hair with actual paying customers. My initial reservations about having a student cut my hair was quickly put at ease when I saw the attentiveness and genuine desire to offer me a nice hair cut and style. At one point, the instructor even came over to guide the student through using a new technique that would complement the cut I was receiving. I watched quietly as the student and teacher engaged in a lovely exchange and I absorbed the sheer perfection of the moment...although they weren't aware of the miracle occurring in that moment, I was very aware of how every step of the process was guided and flowed together in harmony. The instructor did make a comment that she was a little freaked out at how easily the cutting blended...that it had never occurred so flawlessly for her before. That's when I knew the Angels were at work to deliver this blessing. Not only was I being shown a demonstration of deserving to receive the best care, but the student was receiving an affirmation of trust in her ability to do a good job and easily learn new skills.

After leaving the salon, I went to motor vehicles registration where I needed to get my driver's license and registration transferred over from Alberta to Newfoundland. I had postponed doing this since returning home in October because I didn't have the money for it. Even today, I was a little apprehensive because I feared having to pay outstandng tickets before being permitted to get the transfer. With the positive affirmation already received at the hair salon, I was somehow able to just breathe and know that everything is going to be fine at the registration office as well.

I met another Angel at the motor registration office. She processed my request with no hesitation, telling me that the outstanding tickets hadn't even shown up on the system. With a big smile, she handed me my new licence plate, my new driver's licence, and welcomed me home to Newfoundland. Now it's official...even my car is now a newf!

Perhaps not aware of it themselves, but these Angels blessed me beyond measure, by demonstrating that miracles are shared among our brothers/sisters in any moment where we allow ourselves to be open, to trust that we are supported, and to receive the blessing.


Mark March 11, 2010 at 1:44 PM  


It is Mark, we met in passing at Sapphos coffee shop last week. I appreciated meeting you. In many ways I feel as if I am kindrid to you as to my journey. I have read many of your blog entries. People also tell me that my presence just comforts them, that my own grounded self is enough. I often reacted like you, and maybe still do, by just smiling and thanking them, yet feeling that it is basically inadequate because I am not a known "established" healer. Your experience resonated with me.

I am commenting here because I have bene going to Lemoines whenever I can to get my beard trimmed, and my hair cut. They know me by name, and the instructors always make sure that I get a good cut. The students are always ncie, and I am always smiling with them. I also volunteer myself as a test model whenever they need someone to use to cut hair during exams. I always go in there and I feel so relaxed, and my hair and whole self just feels renewed. BTW, you should try the scalp treatment, they give a scalp massage that is as perfect as any meditation could ever possibly be. I find that going in there, and just sitting and letting the student and instructor cut my hair for 45 mins or so is perfect meditation.

I have browsed at your book every time I have come to Sapphos. When I get paid I plan on buying it so I can share your story. It takes alot of confident courage and s[piritual evolution to put something together that teels the story so well. Thanks for sharing.

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