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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a new year - an ending and beginning

Every New Year's it happens... the energy gets stirred in people's hearts and minds that gets us reflecting and re-evaluating our choices, our lives, our desires for what lies ahead. It is not just a beginning of a new year but also an ending of old patterns, of outdated ways of being. It's really a call from our soul asking us to be sure of staying true to ourselves and staying true to our purpose in being here. This year, in particular, with 2012 drawing nearer, people are taking the time to look even deeper into their hearts to see their truth... perhaps considering what their 'judgement' will when the world ends. 2012 is nothing more than a collapse of the structures of ego-creation, of the forms that have upheld the illusions of what we have thought was real in the world. "The structures will fall" was a message I received several years ago from my Guidance in a vision of walking along a row of towering stone structures while receiving teachings from my Spirit Guide. As we walked along, the towers began falling and crumbling into dust at our feet. That's what 2012 is...a symbolic crumbling of the structures of the world.
So my New Year's RE-solution is to go back to that place of Truth to remember the solidness of Spirit and to not keep re-creating the ego structures that will only crumble away.


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