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Monday, December 28, 2009

Magic of Christmas

Just when I think that I have reached a certain place of knowing where I stand, something occurs to show me all that I have yet to learn. Christmas time has a way of sweeping the cobwebs clean out of your heartspace and bringing up all those memories that you thought didn't matter anymore. I visited some family yesterday and realized that 7 years have passed since I've last seen them. As I looked around at the wall of memories in the form of pictures and home renos, my heart tugged a little and I almost felt like weeping. It showed me something truly priceless... the value of having roots and a sense of home...with it's history and stories and times shared getting through the stuff of life. I watched my cousin sitting on the couch with her hubby and two now grown children and thought to myself...yes, this is a little something of what "Truth" is.


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