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Friday, January 1, 2010

The hills of Neary's Pond

At the stroke of midnight on this New Year's Eve 2009, I was standing on top of the hills at Neary's Pond in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. The view is amazing from here. You can see for miles in every direction. Mind you, the wind was so strong that many times I felt that I would simply be picked up by the wind and carried away.

As I stood there bracing myself against the wind, I was reminded of the analogy I had heard many times of having a bird's eye view. From a spiritual symbolism point of view, I thought about how often I had heard about holding the greater vision, like the eagle flying overhead to maintain the Higher Vision of creation and seeing the Divine Plan. Here I was standing atop this hill taking in the magnificent view of the New Year's Eve fireworks feeling the utter joy for the blessing of it. When I quietly looked around I started to notice all the smaller pockets of activity in each of the coves...Portugal Cove, CBS, across the bay to where Cupids lay in the distance, St. John's, Torbay... I started thinking about how important it was to not only hold the vision of the greater picture, which altogether displayed a magnificent dance of light, but to appreciate the smaller details of how that vision had come together. Each little cinder, each sparkle, each flicker, and also the darkness in between, all worked together to create that larger view. It is a symbolic tapestry of our life journey.

I became a little teary eyed as I felt inside of my heart for remembering all the light flickers that had occurred in my life to bring me to this very place...standing atop this hill sharing in the joys with friends to celebrate not only a New Year coming upon us, but all the years that have come before us to make us who we are now.


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